Translated by Zura Chalatashvili

ფასკუნჯიPaskunji is a mythical-fabulous bird which lives underworld (Kveskneli). It could transport heroes (mzechabuki), help and protect them.Paskunji and Gveleshapi are inseparable couple.  Paskunji lives in the tree and has its nestlings.  Gveleshapi sits under the tree. In spite of living under one tree they aren’t friends. Gveleshapi is Paskunji’s enemy: It eats Paskunjis nestling one by one.  Mzechabuki, who himself needs a help,  goes to help a desparate Paskunji. Mzechabuki defeats Gveleshapi, cuts its stomach and takes Paskunji’s nestling out. Thankfully, Paskunji puts him on its wings and takes him to Zekneli (up world). On the way Mzechabuki cuts his meat from his hip and feeds hungry Paskunji. When they come out in Zeskneli it heals his wound.In some myths, paskunjis were also hostile to humans and persecuted them.

მითოლოგიური ენციკლოპედია ყმაწვილთათვის