Paliastomi Lake, Poti, Georgia

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By Tika Bujiashvili

Georgia is a unique country where the tourism industry has strong untapped potential to be developed. Kolkheti National Park and Paliastomi Lake is one of the real candidates, among those places that can contribute to tourism development in Georgia. The Lake is located between Guria and Samegrelo. Paliastomi means ‘an old bay of the sea’ in Greek. One amazing thing connecting with Paliastomi Lake is that until 1924 the water in the lake was fresh. It is unusual a large lake to be so close to the sea with fresh water. Though, several years ago Paliastomi Lake was connected to the Black sea by a specially dug channel. Consequently, the water became salty. Paliastomi Lake is fed with rain water and tributaries-the river Pichora flows into it, while the River Kaparchina flows from the lake.

Not to mention spectacular landscapes of its unique gorges, Paliastomi Lake is also a unique place to watch migratory birds. Therefore with approaching winter the environs of the Lake are filled with flocks of birds creating unique conditions for birdwatching lovers. Special observation towers have been installed for them.

Kolkheti National Park was established in 1999. Despite the protection of the park, the Georgian government has recently found a way to attract tourists whilst maintaining and protecting the natural habitat. The park was opened to tourists in 2007. National Park offers organized boat trips to several beautiful destinations which last 1-3 hours. Boating tours, notably on Lake Paliastomi and on the Pichori River are offered, as are diving, bird watching, hiking and horse riding. The route starts at the entrance of Paliastomi Lake. Tourists will see the beautiful shores of Paliastomi Lake and an amazing view of the Pichori River mouth. At the resting areas, tourists have the opportunity to see Kolkheti’s wetland relict forests that are spread along the river bank.

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Bakhmaro, Guria

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By Tika Bujiashvili

Bakhmaro resort, which is one of the most beautiful place in the Western Georgia, is Located above 2050 m from the sea level, it is 110-120 km drive from Batumi and 340 km from Tbilisi and can be reached by any ordinary car from late spring till the second half of October (4-5 hours drive). You can also take a mini-bus from Batumi or Kutaisi to Bakmaro.

Until the end of XIX century Bakhmaro was visited only by shepherds. They took to Bakhmaro mountain only their family members on whom its climate made positive impact. The first vacationer soon followed shepherds and was quickly cured from widespread disease – tuberculosis. After that in a short spell of time rumors about miraculous climate of the resort extended far and wide. In 1893 Doctor Davitiantsi sent some disease people to cure there. After that the number of vacationers went up every year. Later on multifaceted clinical research proved, that unique climate of Bakhmaro is the best means of strengthening immunity and gives wonderful results in treatment of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases.  The square, where the doctor built his house, was called Davitiantsi square. Today there are small summer settlements on the road where very hospitable locals live and it’s worth meeting them. You can also enjoy views of alpine flowers, bushes of rhododendron, etc.

Near the square the road goes down through pine forest where there is a spring, which is called Beauty Spring. As locals joke, if you wash your face with the water, you will always stay beautiful without wrinkles.

The holiday season in Bakhmaro is short: just 40 days, from the beginning of July until the end of August. Due to tough climate conditions the mountains of Guria by the beginning of September are covered with snow which in winter time has the height of up to 4-6 meters. The idea of mastering tourist potential of Bakhmaro in winter emerged back in 1977. In the conclusion of research expedition it was pointed out that Bakhmaro’s natural conditions satisfy all demands of winter resort and there was an opportunity of constructing 8-10 ski trails of different purpose that could operate during 4-5 months in full swing.

Rehabilitation of the resort  Bakhmaro still continues. Various infrastructural facilities, hotels, an outdoor cinema, an Amphitheatre, sports field, pharmacies and supermarkets are being built in Bakhmaro. A new Savior transfiguration church was built about 10 years ago by Grigol Tsintsadze, an architector i sZurab Berdzenishvili.

Every year, on August 19, dozens of riders compete in a horse race in Bakhmaro as part of the celebration of the Transfiguration of Jesus.

And don’t forget that before you reach Bakmaro, or back to home, you can take Nabeghlavi mineral water from the tap, which has curable effects.

After getting frozen at 2050 m at sea level, you can drive to the Black sea and swim there and take the best feelings back home to Tbilisi.

Source: Batumelebi 

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Gomi Mountain, Guria

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By Tika Bujiashvili

Gomis Mountain resort is located in the river Bzhuzhi gorge, municipality of Ozurgeti, Guria, Georgia, 17km from Ozurgeti at the height of 2100m and 6 hours drive from Tbilisi. The resort is distinguished with its panoramic views, pine forests, rhododendron, beautiful mountains and many beautiful summer cottages of Alpine zone. The resort is very beautiful at every season especially in summer. The road is reachable by any car.

Gomi resort is populated by hospitable Adjarians, from Shuakhevi or Kobuleti, and Gurians, from Ozurgeti. They spend 3 months there. People from Shuakhevi have their cattle there and produce dairy products like Chechili cheese and Kaimaghi. These products are very popular for tourists. Near Gomi Mountain, at the altitude of 2500 there is Chinchao lake (20km away from the centre of Gomi Mountain).

Today a new church is being built on the mountain.

Government paid attention on Gomi Mountain in 1931, when Philip Makharadze first visited the resort. Later he took doctors to learn about the healing properties of the place. Motorway from Ozurgeti to Gomi Mountain was built in the end of 1950. In 1980 there were about 1500 cottages there. As the locals say, they had a cinema too, which was destroyed in the 90s.

Today new comfortable cottages are being built for tourists by the locals. Small cute houses scattered around the mountain create an incredible picture and leave the tourists speechless. Although this place is considered a summer resort, it is planned to turn the area into full-year tourist destination incorporating a ski resort.

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