Written by Tinatin Bujiashvili

Abudelauri lakes, as local people call, are situated in the north of the eastern part of Caucasus Mountains in Khevsureti. It is at a height of 2500 m in Alpine zone at the foot of the Chaukhi Massif. The road to Abudelauri lakes leads in Aragvi Gorge. On our way we passed the biggest village of Khevsureti –Barisakho, then village Korsha and turned left to village Roshka, a historical province in north Georgia, The origin of the name of the village is not known. Roshka is called by locals where about twenty families share one surname – Tsiklauri. It is a very large village for Khevsureti and has a great deal of pastures and meadows. The Khevsuretians are very good mowers. They mow on very steep slopes and often have to use climbing equipment. In the entrance of the village there is a small church built by Russians in the 19th century. The church is nearly abandoned today.

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It took us about four hours to reach village Roshka, in Piraketa Khevsureti. There was a little Roshka water with beautiful views.  From Roshka you enjoy four hour trek up to Abudelauri lakes and spectacular views of Chaukhi Massif. On the way we met American tourists-a wife and a husband with their children. How funny it was when I asked for a photo and the girl put her leg like models do.

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Our road goes through the bushes of rhododendron Caucasia. The field on the right side behind the river running from the mountains is dotted with huge granite shards. These too are the marks of Iakhsari’s struggle with the Devi. At one time there was a huge rock on this place, which was broken by the blow of Iakhsar’s whip.

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The lake ensemble located in Abudelauri Gorge contains three beautiful alpine zone lakes. They are formed out of the glaciers and have different colours: green, white and blue. The most distinguished amongst these is the last one. From three sides the lakes are surrounded by the mountains that make the scene even more spectacular.

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There are some legends connected with AbudelauriLakes. Iakhsar rushed into LakeAbudelauri after the Devi and killed him there with a whip. The Devi shed so much blood that Iakhsar was trapped in the water for three years. The Khevsuretians became sad. They could not help their deity who had saved them. Finally, after three years, a sorcerer advised them to sacrifice a ram from the village of Blo (a village in Khevsureti), which had four ears and four horns. The Devi’s blood subsided, and Iakhsar could get out of the lake. A high rock rises from the middle of the lake. It is cleft in two – the work of Iakhsar, rescuing the people from the Devi. The first stroke of his whip missed the Devi and broke the rock.

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The silence around us, the rocky peaks of Chaukhi behind us, and a small lake in front of you really create a mystical effect.

P.S. In Khevsureti we met famous photographs Goga Chanadiri and Badri Vadachkoria.(There are some photos taken by Mr Vadachkoria). Goga told us many interesting stories about Kevsuretians traditions.


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust


The photo of White Lake is taken by Maka Kurtsikidze