Written by Tinatin Bujiashvili

One of the most beautiful lake Bateti lake is located in the Dzama gorge, Kareli munisipality, on the north slope of Trialeti chain, 1313 meters above the sea level.

The breadth of the lake is 0.02 sq.km.  and depth is 12m. There is  23 km from Kareli to Bateti lake and 3 km. from Tbeti Monasteri.

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The Bateti Lake is a classical landslip lake surrounded by rainforest slopes. The water is transparent and fresh. The landslide that generated the lake came from the South. It has uneven bumpy surface and is covered with tall forest. Southern part of the lake is swampy. As the lake is situated on the dense place covered with woods and has no vast bank, the best way to approach it is from the North where camping would be possible as well. The best time to visit the lake is early fall, it is covered with ice from December to March.

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According to the Red Book sources the Georgian Red Book species like Asia Minor Triton and Trout live in the lake.

The road to Bateti lake is not good and it is muddy in rainy days.