The Batsara-Babaneuri Protected Areas consist of 3 independent units: Batsara (3042 ha) and Babaneuri (770 ha) Strict Nature Reserves and Ilto Managed Nature Reserve (5273 ha). All three Protected Areas are located in Akhmeta district of Kakheti regionDSC_0278Batsara State Nature Reserve was first created in 1935. It is located in the Batsara ravine, the right tributary of the Alazani River, in Pankisi gorge. It is 180 km From Tbilisi to Akhmeta through Gurjaani and 130 km through Gombori. The nature reserve is located at an altitude of 700-2,000 meters above sea level. In the middle part of Batsara gorge there are remains of tertiary relict dendroflora, almost 270 ha stands of yew forests. Such size of yew stand cannot be found anywhere in the world.DSC_0284

DSC_0289An inviolable groove of Utkhovari is observed in the reserve. The terrain takes in beech and mixed woods. There are thousand-year exemplars of Utkhovari. Such a massive groove of it is not discernible in any other place throughout Georgia. The forest is well-guarded, while people consider Utkhovari as a tree of angels. Also, the groove is comprised of hornbeam, elm, lime-tree, maple, ash-tree and others.DSC_0331From mammals, the reserve is inhabited by roe, marten, otter, bear, chamois, lynx, wolf, jackal and others. There are also birds: eagle, blackbird, black-grouse and etc.

Optimized-DSC03057-min (1)Only educational and scientific tourism is available in the reserve. Movement is allowed on foot and by horse (special pre-defined routes).