By Tika Bujiashvili

Gomis Mountain resort is located in the river Bzhuzhi gorge, municipality of Ozurgeti, Guria, Georgia, 17km from Ozurgeti at the height of 2100m and 6 hours drive from Tbilisi. The resort is distinguished with its panoramic views, pine forests, rhododendron, beautiful mountains and many beautiful summer cottages of Alpine zone. The resort is very beautiful at every season especially in summer. The road is reachable by any car.

Gomi resort is populated by hospitable Adjarians, from Shuakhevi or Kobuleti, and Gurians, from Ozurgeti. They spend 3 months there. People from Shuakhevi have their cattle there and produce dairy products like Chechili cheese and Kaimaghi. These products are very popular for tourists. Near Gomi Mountain, at the altitude of 2500 there is Chinchao lake (20km away from the centre of Gomi Mountain).

Today a new church is being built on the mountain.

Government paid attention on Gomi Mountain in 1931, when Philip Makharadze first visited the resort. Later he took doctors to learn about the healing properties of the place. Motorway from Ozurgeti to Gomi Mountain was built in the end of 1950. In 1980 there were about 1500 cottages there. As the locals say, they had a cinema too, which was destroyed in the 90s.

Today new comfortable cottages are being built for tourists by the locals. Small cute houses scattered around the mountain create an incredible picture and leave the tourists speechless. Although this place is considered a summer resort, it is planned to turn the area into full-year tourist destination incorporating a ski resort.