Georgian cheese is among our Top 10 Best Georgian Dishes and truly almost all Georgian regions are famous for their white cheeses. However, there are cheese varieties than even Georgians are not aware of.
Ana Mikadze, a passionate cheese gourmand, and her son, have been striving to revive forgotten varieties for many years. They established a store concept – Kvelis Sakhli (Cheese House) that already counts 3 stores in Tbilisi. The first one was opened on Kazbegi avenue.

Photo Source: Cheese House Facebook Page

The place is absolutely amazing. Rarely has anyone seen such abundance of unique and authentic cheeses. You can find cheese aged in wine and honey, spiced cheese, cheese with cocoa, mint and other herbs, and many other varieties that have to be tasted rather than explained. These are all well aged cheeses that can be easily transported, so they could serve as yummy present for your foodie friends.


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