By Tika Bujiashvili

On December 15, 2016 a presentation of Ethnographic Museum Borghalo was held at Folklore State centre of Georgia. Tourist companies were invited at the presentation to introduce the museum to foreign tourists. The museum was introduced with photos. All the videos, taken about the museum, also were shown to the guests. Mr.Giorgi Gabunia, a deputy director of Folklore State centre of Georgia, and Tsisana Marindashvili, a head of Fine And Applied Art,  made a speech and talked about Mr. Kemal’s achivements. Jemal Chkuaseli, the art director of the ensemble Erisioni, said that he is a prominent master of special woodcarving techniques and guardian of the distinctive traditions of Georgian heritage.

As the director of the museum Mr. Kemal Turmanidze said, the museum doesn’t have an analogue in Georgia. There are fifty two mannequins and all of them except 10 are made by him. All maquettes of the buildings are done also by him. It took 30 years to do everything though as Mr Kemal says there is still much to do. Next year he is going to have wine and food tasting at the museum. He is also going to build a bridge in front of the 9 m height man-made waterfall, were tourist will be able to take spectacular photos with the background of museum. The bridge will be analogue of of Queen Tamar’s.
Kemal Turmanidze is a Georgian public master, Laureate of Tedo Sakhokia Aword and winner of other prizes. In 2012 Mr.Kemal Turmanidze received the Companion of  the Order of Honour for his works. Altogether, 52 articles were published about his activities.
In the end Kemal Turmanidze thanked tourist companies for showing their interests and invited them to his museum.

See Mr. Kemal’s speech here: (The video is in Georgian with cc. It is a content not a synchrony).

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