By Tika Bujiashvili

Wine shops generally are like business focusing on selling wines, though a Wine Station at 9 Aghmashenebeli avenue, New Tiflis, opened more than three years ago, is quite different. There is a wide selection of wines available even by glasses as the wine shop has put a new spin on wine tasting.



The owner of the shop, Mr. Lazo, tries to create more casual and relaxing atmosphere for guests. If a guest knows what sort of wine he wants it is easier, in other cases you can trust Mr. Lazo’s choice-a caviste and a wine evangelist.



The wine store is furnished like that you feel to be in a wine cellar. The Bar, above the store creates cozy surroundings in hopes their guests will linger.


Traditionally associated with cheeses and desserts, wine bar tries to combine wine with appetizer-sized gourmet selections to enhance the palate.