By Tika Bujiashvili

Qvevvri Amoris is located in Tsinandali, Kakheti, Georgia. Kakheti is a home of vine and winery.

The company has its own vineyards where Saperavi, Qisi and Rkatsiteli grape varieties are grown.

Wine is made in Qvevri.  Knowledge and experience of Qvevri wine- making are passed down by family. From early childhood the Bezhuashvilis learned how to tend the vines, press grapes and ferment wine through observing their elders. The wine-making process involves pressing the grapes and then pouring the juice, grape skins, stalks and pips into the Qvevri, which is sealed and buried in the ground so that the wine can ferment for five to six months before being drunk.

Amoris – the wine cellar has a special design featured with many Georgian traditional details and serves as Georgian viticulture museum. The wine cellar has a wine tasting room and a special place for touching Georgian traditional cousin-making Khinkali, Churchkhelas and Tone for Kakhuri shoti bread baking.


And, wine plays a vital role in everyday life and in the celebration of secular and religious events and rituals. Wine cellars are still considered the holiest place in the family home. The tradition of Qvevri wine-making defines the lifestyle of local communities and forms an inseparable part of their cultural identity and inheritance. The wine cellar has a restaurant too.

Why Qvevvri Amoris? Qvevvri Amoris is created with Love. Tasting Amoris means you taste Love… Furthermore, Qvevvri Amoris is a Rugby supporter. The winery raises 1 Gel from each sold bottle for Rugby development. Consequently, buying a bottle of Qvevvri Amoris wine means you support Rugby development!


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