By Tika Bujiashvili

Everybody agrees there’s no better way to unplug after a stressful workday at a wine bar, where you will find appropriate atmosphere for drinking wine.


On January 14, 2018 a new wine bar Muse was opened in Tbilisi. It’s a small and cozy atmosphere full of history. You sip a glass of wine with a sip of history-an old wall which has kept its old style and an old Belt of Siraji (wine and chacha seller) and Victor Ostrovsky’s unique water-colors on it. The Wine bar has other antique things-Azarphesha-an ancient silver drinking vessel for wine, gramophone – Stalin’s present, The book about rare wines in Georgia, published in 1960 and what is more- an old-style phone and don’t think it doesn’t work! It really rings!



And in the end, there are 3 qvevris of 5 litre each on the floor. You can taste exceptional selection of the best Georgian Family wines here.



Sometimes just words are worthless. You should visit and discover the environment yourself!