By Tika Bujiashvili

Easter – the oldest Christian festival, which brings the faithful hope for the salvation, peace and the grace of God.agdgoma

Easter is just around the corner and Georgian families are doing all the necessary preparations for this Holy and traditional holiday. Eggs have already been dyed and it’s time to bake Paska-Easter cake, which represents Golgotha, the mountain where Christ was crucified. Despite different kinds of Paskas being widely available everywhere, a home-made one has a completely different taste and its own appeal. After several hours of baking, the process greatly contributes to the festive mood. Children enjoy decorating them with chocolates or even fruit in their taste. The result is definitely worth the effort.


And on Easter night faithful people come to the church until Easter morning to join the Easter liturgy and take home a particle of Holy Fire.

-Christ has risen! – Kriste aghdga!
-Indeed he has risen!” – Cheshmaritad aghdga!

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