Today you often hear Tbilisi was a relationship of people but has changed much, though while walking along the streets, meeting and talking with locals, you will soon change your mind and see that nothing has changed and Tbilisi still remains a relationship of people.

Walking along Tsinamdzgvrishvili street I stopped at one door where a kid was merrily jumping to and fro. Seeing me with camera, she stopped and stared at me. In the entrance I noticed an inscription on the floor and tried to read. ‘Sakartvelo’ is written here, she ‘explained’. Who told that? It’s impossible, I said, as Sakartvelo has more letters than it is here. My classmate, she said with a naive face. Then she carefully looked at the inscription and read out ‘1910-1912’. It was the date of building the house. There should be a surname of the architecture but it was unfortunately destroyed. The kid seemed to have heard some stories about the building and decided to take me to her neighbours. She took me to Misha, who knew the history of the building. Misha showed Tbilisuri hospitality by inviting me in his flat. As he said the house was built in 1910-1912 and belonged to Ghukasov. The architect was a famous Italian architect-Andreoletti, though he wasn”t sure. As Misha’s father said, the entrance hall was painted with beautiful landscapes, but during the soviet era the walls were whitewashed. Another example of Tbilisuri hospitality was aunt Tamriko (Tamriko deida), who despite being ill invited me in her room to show her beautiful fireplace. As she said the fireplace is English.

Unfortunately, the house has almost destroyed door and the building itself is in a bad condition..

Despite this, not only history, legends and when, how and who the houses were built by but, the hospitality and Tbilisuri relationship might be more interesting, that how an unknown and uninvited, curious person can be invited for tea …

Yes, Tbilisi does remain a city of relationships of people!

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