When you are in Kakheti, you will find the Marani worth visiting, a vineyard ready to be explored and a marani with qvevri wine begging to be drunk. Lekso’s marani in Akshani, a village close to Telavi, with big and small qvevries, lazily lying under vine alley will welcome you all year round.

Lekso is proud of his marani built by his grandfather. The qvevries where he produces his wines are almost 100 years old and belonged to his grandfather too. He is also proud of producing natural wine from rare varieties of grapes, such as Akshani, Jananura, Maghranuli, Jgia. He also has Mtsvane and Saferavi and his 16 is very special. The wines are matured in qvevris according to the old Georgian traditional method.

A gold medal winner of Telavi Chacha Festival Vepkhvo’s Chacha is also from Lekso’s marani. Vepkhvo is his father and the chacha is really something different you have ever tasted… Soon the home made Muscat Chacha will be imported to the USA and is ready to conquer the largest market in the world!

And what more… You can have good wine in wine bars, Lekso’s wines are available there and even abroad-in Germany, Austria, Poland and USA,  but spending time at Lekso’s marani is a kind of experience where you meet the winemaker’s work, stirring grape juice with skin in a qvevri means participating in wine making and sharing wine knowledge is like relationship insurance…  And if it is a warm autumn day, you can hang out in the vineyard with a winemaker with a glass of wine and choose plenty of topics for conversation… His information covers the traditions, innovations and character of each wine and will help you decide which wine to choose for your wine bar or for friends as an unforgettable present…