On June 19 Chateau Mukhrani host Merano Wine Festival 2022. Georgia is the first country to host the festival outside of Italy and it is the way to show the appreciation to the country.

70 Georgian Wine companies and 60 Italian Wine companies participated in the festival.

The conclusion of the festival was Qvevri WineHunter Award, where the winners got Platinum, Gold and Roso.

Platinium winners were:

Wine Company Shumi-Iberiuli Khikhvi 2019

Wine Anbani-Rkatsiteli 2019

Kakhetian Wine Cellar -Kisi 2020

In the frame of festival food masterclasses took place led by a specially invited Maestro Chef Antonio Tubeli, “Sulguni making masterclass” led by Ana Mikadze-Chikvaidze and the seminar about ‘Georgian Poliphonic Gastronomy’ was led by Dalila Tsatava.

Seminars were led by CEO and Winemaker – Patrick Honnef and By Akaki Gelashvili.

Merano Wine Festival Georgia was supported by Gerogian Wine Association, National Wine Agency, Chateau Mukhrani and Merano Wine Festival.

Here is the link of the winners. http://Qvevri WineHunter Award Winners