By Tinatin Bujiashvili

The Holy Trinity Church was built on the range of Adjara and Guria range on the hill of western brunch o the Black Sea Lowland at an altitude of 400 m. height. The monastery has wonderful view: to the west-the Black sea, to the south-west the river Chorokhi and kakhabery valley, to the north-west-Chakvi and Kobuleti ridges, to the east- Akhalsheni and Chelta. You can find some records about the church in the book “Archeological journey in Guria and Adjara” by Davit Bakradze, where he writes: “On the hill near Batumi there is a church of the Holy Trinity with fallen dome. There were some marble gravestones. On one of them there was an inscription: ”Almighty God’s saving Mary”.

French Orientalist Jean Moore (1884) writes: “5 miles from Batumi there are ruins of Holy Trinity church. There was found a large marble stone with the inscription: “Almighty God save the sole of Tamar”.

Holy Trinity church was destroyed by Ottomans during the Russo-Turkish war (1877-1879).

Today The Holy Trinity Monastery is still under construction and will be opened soon. It is being built by Honorable patriot Shalva Breus.Optimized-DSC02511Optimized-SAM_6663Optimized-SAM_6676