By Tinatin Bujiashvili

Pictorial beauty of nature, the bright sun, the mountain fresh air, amazing waterfalls, unique flora and fauna, a centuries-old lifestyle and existence, which is valued according to tradition, the stone arch bridges with unusual architecture, an incomparable emotion and impression after visiting middle-aged architectural monuments-It is Mountainous Adjara, which is located in the southwestern corner of Georgia.

You can take shorter but rural road from Akhaltsikhe to Batumi, cross the Goderdzi Pass and walk to Green Lake through adjarian villages.

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The beautiful Goderdzi Pass crosses Arsiani ridge at the Height of 2025 m above sea level fascinating visitors by its silent charm.

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In mountainous Adjara inhabitants are busy with seasonal farming, which is connected with cattle breeding. It has been practiced in the mountains since Paleolithic times. The mountain farmers call themselves “Memtevri” and their cattle and milk products are an important part of the local economy. The “Memtevri” take their livestock to the mountains for 3 months of the year until the onset of winter. This practice is called “iailebi”.

The “Memtevri” share their houses with their cattle. Made of logs, the traditional two storey “Memtevri” house comprised an upper floor for living accommodation and a room for processing and keeping of milk products that had holes in the walls for air circulation. The lower floor was used for livestock.

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The “Memtevri” make butter, round and plaited cheese, curds, and sour cream from the milk their cows produce. Don’t leave adjarian villages without tasting Kaimaghi and Khuruti. In addition to raising livestock, they also grow vegetables (onion, garlic, potatoes).

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On the way to Green lake you may meet adjarian children driving “araba” (Turkish word, which means a car).

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After walking 6.2 km from the pass you reach Green lake. It is 2058 m above sea level and situated between mountains. This beautiful lake is surrounded by spruce and beech trees. The clear and transparent water is slightly mineralized.

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P.S. Some photos are of a poor quality as my camera had some problems. 😦