Life in Russia


Tear of Grief

This morning while scrolling through picture after picture on Facebook, I contemplated, where was I on that fateful day.

On Sept. 9th, 2001 I remember stepping out of my apartment to an eerie quietness, there wasn’t a plane in the sky nor a bird chirping. It was completely silent!

A neighbor stuck her head out of her door, Did you hear what happened, as I was getting ready to open the door to my car.

My reply, no what’s going on (in my mind I knew something terrible happened).

She invited me into her apartment, she had her TV on with a commentator talking about what had just taken place at the twin towers. Her and I stood there with tears in our eyes struggling to understand what had happened.

America had just been attacked. The world would never be the same!


Who would Respond

Years have passed…

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