Written by Tika Bujiashvili

If you feel lonely but wish to take an entertaining route, go up to the mountain and look down the earth, from there, where the birds fly, watch the sunrise or sunset on the sea at one time, don’t waste your time, pack your rucksack, put on your comfortable boots, take a bottle of water and go, go far away to mountainous Adjara.

You won’t regret. There are quite a few impressive and unforgettable sightseeing. Pictorial beauty of nature, the bright sun, mountain fresh air, amazing waterfalls, unique flora and fauna, a centuries-old lifestyle and existence, which is valued according to tradition, the stone arch bridges with unusual architecture, an incomparable emotion and impression after visiting middle-aged architectural monuments. What more do you need?!

You can take shorter but rural road from Akhaltsikhe to Batumi, cross the Goderdzi Pass and feel spectacular views of the nature. Don’t forget to greet locals when you meet them. You will soon be astonished to see unusual hospitality of the villagers. Don’t miss the chance if they invite you in their homes and taste their traditional cousin.


On Goderdzi pass you will see the sign. Go to Beshumi at first and then the road takes you to Green Lake. Don’t complain, the road is the most terrible ever! Leave your cars and just take a walk. If it is getting dark, set up your tent near the lake and the amazing view will greet you as you opened your eyes in the morning.

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After that the rout is to Khulo. St. Apostle Andrew the First called’s church has recently been built in Khulo. Building of the church began in 2008.

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Take one of the longest cable car in Khulo. It stretches 1700 meter across and a ride takes 10 minutes.  The cable car is used for daily means of transportation by the locals to Tago village.


From Khulo take your way to Khikani castle. Although ruined roads, the castle worth visiting. It takes you about 4-5 hours to go up and down Khikhani castle. Up on the castle one moment the sky is clear, in a few minutes it is foggy. Have a sit and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the nature.

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Adjarians have a hero Selim Khimshiashvili, who fought to liberate Adjara from the Ottoman. Selim fled Akhaltsikhe to the mountains of Adjara and entrenched himself in the castle of Khikhani, which fell, on 31 May 1815, after a two-month siege. He was beheaded on 3 June 1815. In today’s Adjara, Selim is remembered as a national hero. His native village Nigazeuli hosts his museum.

By the middle ages, Adjara formed a part of a strong feudal kingdom and many roads and stone bridges were built during this period. The beauty of Ajara’s medieval stone bridges makes them as significant as the mighty fortresses, monuments, and churches that are also spread around this historical region, making them a “must-see” during any visit. They are:

Dandalo Bridge is in Keda District. It is near the Batumi-Khulo highway. The bridge was built of volcanic stone and lime in the 9-10th century.


Furtio Arch Bridge in Shuakhevi District of Ajara is situated in the village of Furtio at the beginning of Acharistskali Valley. It was built in the XI-XII century.  The bridge used to connect the Skhaltistskali and Acharistskali valleys and was a part of the shortest route from Ardagan and Akhaltsikhe to the Black Sea coastline.


Makhuntseti Waterfall is located in Makhuntseti community. Because it is spring and the snow is melting off the mountains, the waterfall is exceptionally large.


And in the end you feel very tired? So relax at the sea side watch the sunset in the evening and the sun rise in the morning.


And if you still want to visit some place, choose Mtirala national park. I will warn you about the terrible road. There is a hotel and a restaurant there, a camping place, a small lake and a waterfall.

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So, spend unforgettable days in Adjara.