By Tika Bujiashvili

The route to Tskhra Jvari starts from Tkibuli centre. It is about 3km walk up to the tiny St. George’s chapel on the peak of the mountain.

There are several legends about Tskhra Jvari. According to the legend, there lived Sopromadze family in one village, whose son couldn’t live but died at an early age. One day the whole village gathered and prayed. They vowed they would fly a dove in the air and the place it sat they would build a chapel. After the day, Sopromadze’s son lived for a long time. The villagers carried stones in their hands and erected nine crosses on the ninth place the dove sat.

According to another legend, one family’s nine sons went to the war. Father prayed every day for his sons. He decided to make a sacrifice and erected nine crosses on Tkibuli Mountain.  After the war his sons returned healthy.

Today at the end of May, people not only from Tkibuli, but different parts of Georgia visit Tskhta Jvari. They Climb up to 1565 meters above the sea level and discover the legend about nine iron crosses at the top of Tskhra Jvari Mountain. They enjoy an unforgettable view over Tkibuli reservoir and green flatlands of Imereti.

During the soviet times there used to be one of the longest cable car systems leading to the top and the sanatorium. Unfortunately today there are only ruins left.