By Tika Bujiashvili

Life causes us to encounter change after change.  These changes cause encounters with transitions that alters who we are. It means we have always been in transition. In this case Art therapy is the best tool to apply.

‘Art is a way of knowing the life of the soul’, says M.C. Richard. Art is a way of non-intellectual knowing through emotion and body. It evokes in the soul and intuition of self-hood. And again M.C. Richard’s words: “art-making carries us free of conscious thinking and judging. It accesses another part of oneself, where the mysteries of pain and release, grief and anger and despair, longing and hope are present.’

On November 11, 2016 a training course- Art Therapy For Everybody was held. Everybody could attend for free, though most of the participants still were MA psychologists. The trainer was Ether Philipovich-a well-qualified therapist.

Participants made art in a peaceful environment, with a therapist who gave them the right questions, guided along the way and allowed them to discover more about their deep inner landscape. It was the landscape which was even hidden from their mental awareness, but which could change and control them beyond their understanding.

In the end of the training participants achieved a state of peace when the answers which they were looking for were answered out of true clarity.