By Tika Bujiashvili

In the XIX –XX centuries Gori was famous with glazed ceramics, which was distinguished with its diversity style. Yellow glazed ceramics had green ornaments and light purple ones had green.DSC_0993DSC_0963DSC_0964Mr. George Tatulashvili, who lives in Gori, Georgia, continues the old traditions, which runs from the family. His grandfather and father, worked on folk art ceramics.  Visiting him he proudly shows articles where his father, uncle and grandfather’s work of arts are written about. The Tatulashvili ceramics and workshop was so famous that honored guests of Gori would be taken to the studio. Today you can find some souvenirs to be given to his ancestors by the honored people of the time. He said that at the age of 8 his grandfather had met Nickolas Tikhonov, a Russian poet and Mikolo Bajiani, an Ukranian poet.

As Mr. George says he started working on folk art ceramics in the 90s. In his workshop you can find a XIX century fireplace, which belonged to his grandfather, though today he prefers to use modern technology.DSC_0947DSC_0952Mr. George makes different kinds of vessels-bowls, jugs, triple-qvevris, cups, special jars for Matsoni and special vessels for wine. His white glazed pottery with light blues ornaments of plants is the most outstanding. He makes copies of old Georgian traditional ornaments. In his craft shop you can find the copy of the Khintsvisi Archangel, Pirosmani and …DSC_0971DSC_0967DSC_1007DSC_1010Other things are surprise! Visit and discover yourselves…