Reported by Tika Bujiashvili

Georgian Wine Association was founded in 2010 by 6 companies. Since then the association with its 30 members have been doing marketing and Export promotion, event management including wine fairs, workshops and seminars and wine tasting. The association cooperates with National Wine Agency and International Donor Institutions. They implement innovations and trends.

One of the innovating products Georgian Online Wine Catalogue was introduced on June 14, 2017 at Gia Gallery. The presenter was Ms. Veriko Kapanadze, marketing manager at GWA.


As Ms Veriko said currently they have over 200 wines and alcoholic beverages in the catalogue, but their goal is to build and manufacture all the products produced in Georgia to maximize the awareness of Georgia and its products, promote Georgian wine exports, development of wine tourism and increase awareness of small, medium and large cellars.

Through this platform, GWA is planning to provide detailed information about Georgian wines and alcoholic beverages, grape varieties and regions, as well as to promote wine tourism development.

At the question, why GWA think the site is unique, Ms Veriko answered, that the site will be flexible for wine makers as well as wine buyers. And the notable is that the consultations won’t be chargeable.


At the end of the presentation invited journalists could enjoy with both Tbilvino wine tasting and wonderful works of art of Mr. Gia Japaridze.

This project was implemented with the help of the EU and active involvement of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.