By Tika Bujiashvili

On June2 9, 2017 a presentation one of the innovating products Georgian Online Wine Catalogue was held by Georgian wine association. The Catalogue was a new platform for wine, grapes and wine marketing for everyone who wanted to discover secrets of Georgian wine. Georgia not only produces its own wine but have its own vine varieties. To pronounce the name of these vine varieties is difficult. So the catalogue gives the information not only about the wine, but short information about Georgian vine varieties too.


As Ms. Tata Jaiani said, wine association receives a lot of mails from the customers who want to get information where they can buy Georgian wine abroad. The online catalogues will also provide the customers with the kind of information.

In order to join the platform, wine makers have to contact Georgian wine association, fill the questionnaire, send photos of their wine and winery with additional information about wineries, hotels, guesthouses and etc if they want. GWA will upload info without any charge.

Why Georgian Online Wine Catalogue? The answer is simple. The Catalogues will raise awareness about Georgia. The catalogue will be linked with Georgian Wine Tourism travel platform to attract attention for its cutting-edge technologies, time and sector.


The platform will fit the travelers’ interests, added Ms. Veriko Kapanadze, Tourists can plan their tour themselves, choose the region, find the exact location on and learn country’s wealth of historical sites, the wildlife and nature reserves as well as regional cuisine. And in the end they will be able to rate all the objects and leave comments which winery they recommend to others.

This project was implemented with the help of the EU and active involvement of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.