By Tika Bujiashvili

Juta, a village in Kazbegi municipality, is one of the must see places in Georgia. Located at the altitude of 2200m, after the village Bochorna (in Tusheti) is one of the highest settlements in Europe.

You have to walk 5 km to the foot of Chaukhi mountain range, where you will see a small beautiful Juta lake, which is a good place for camping, though on the road, after 1 km walk from the village, you can have a rest and enjoy mountains with a superb view of the Chaukhi array at Zeta Camping and The 5th Season – hostel- type resorts where you can have a chargeable camping place. In spite of location (2360 meters above the sea level) both places are equipped with both in-door and out-door cafes and comfortable rooms. Here you can always enjoy good music, find perfect places for camping or horse riding and many other options for those who like active recreation.