By Tika Bujiashvili

Diplomacy involves evaluating a situation before speaking or acting and taking the best course of action. While diplomacy can be difficult in certain situations, you can remain poised by being tactful, defusing difficult situations, and building relationships with others.


Gela Charkviani, First Georgian diplomat, writer and educator, was born in Tbilisi in the family of Candide Charkviani, a leader of the Georgian Communist Party. For 25 years he taught English and later Sociology at Ilia state University (former the Institute of Foreign Languages) and Tbilisi State University. He was a Vice President of Georgian Society for Cultural Relations, an Ambessador of Georgian to the UK and Ireland. Charkviani was awarded with Order of Honour (1998), Presidential Order of Excellence (2011) and Victory Order of St.George.

As a writer he has released several books. ‘Nagerala’ was his one of the latest books. . It is a book of contrasts as well as the life of the author. ‘Nagerala’ is his memoir where He writes about his son, Irakli Charkviani, a popular singer, melodist and poet who died several years ago, leaving an extremely interesting creative inheritance.

His diplomatic background was the main reason of meeting with the members of Gori Young Diplomats Club on April 14, 2018. The meeting was organized by NGO ‘Nakvalevi’. The write read and discussed some parts of the book. He also remembered 90s, the hardest period for Georgia, the period when even diplomatic terminologies weren’t established yet.  Mr. Charkviani’s talk was full of sincerity, credibility, depth of knowledge, philosophy and self-humor.


Conclusion was that, whatever exciting roads you choose in your life, you’ll have an important job to do- as global diplomats.


The event was held at Iart Gallery.