By Tika Bujiashvili

When it comes down to deciding which country to visit during your trip, you do a ton of research from its history and sites to visit, also the country’s eminent people. Today one of the famous people of Georgia, Jemal Kutsishvili will be introduced.


Jemal Kutsishvili, Georgia’s honored artist had his exhibition in 1953. ’Appearance of Jemal Khutsishvili in Georgian art was unexpected. Then, one fine day, the works of an unknown painter were exhibited in the State Art Gallery and at once became the subject of serious discussion. His truthful art attracted not only the ordinary audience, but also the professional painters by its striking paradox: poetical compositions, being extraordinary spontaneous, were philosophically generalized. His artist vision, original manner of painting, distinctive technical means had a great and unexpected emotional effects,’ writes Elguja Amashukeli about him.311-1532-4So, while in Telavi, Kakheti, visit the Museum of Arts, where his works of arts are exhibited.DSC_7456DSC_7492There is no art without inspiration. Only that root gives the ripe fruit, which is able to imbibe the humidity of nature and then sun rays. Only the painter, which has a keen feeling of the world, spared with innumerable colors creates new and interesting works of art.

And in the end, what can I add more about his work, when there are wonderful words by Lado Gudiashvili: ‘I really like the young artist Jemal Khutshishvili, person who didn’t recede difficulties, found own personality, the artist having a peculiar person. He is the true artist.’

Photos are taken in his workshop.