By Tika Bujiashvili

Georgia is a hospitable country. Traditions of Hospitality are expressed in the Georgian proverb: ‘Every guest is a gift from God’. Visitors come here for the culture and for the diverse landscapes. Visitors here have their favorite or must see places. One of them is a dry bridge market where you can find old, rare things and near it there is the city’s unofficial art bazaar, where visitors can find very Georgian things-paintings, beautiful carvings, fabrics and etc.

One of the visitors, Trang Hoang, from Vietnam, who is deeply in love with Tbilisi and Georgian culture decided to introduce  the culture of her country, Vietnam in the very place.33194606_1979827405664835_2271090032230006784_nThe preparation of the stall at first caused curiosity of the people working there. Later, they enjoyed working and spending time together, sharing Georgian wine and chocolates.33161861_1979827425664833_2644076141949747200_n33207324_1979827302331512_8703849704649129984_n‘I love my crazy but beautiful idea and we really enjoyed it. Since today, people living in Tbilisi already know more about Vietnam. I’m happy and pleased,’ wrote Trang in the end of the day. Her crazy idea was caught up by her friends and promised joining her if she decided to do it again.33305571_1979828478998061_7793684055169433600_n111