You should walk around Aghmashenebeli to see every street and blind alley because there are so many wonderful houses everywhere. In New Tiflis, at 36 Aghmashenebeli Avenue a house attracts the attention of passers-by for its unique façade.22The house of a patron of art and first guild merchant-Erasti Chavchanidze was built in 1903. This three floor construction respects all the standards of the architectural fashion of that time. The hallway of Chavchanidze house is particularly interesting for its artistic designs-realistic landscapes, pseudo-classical and rococo style drawings, scenes from the The Knight in the Panther’s Skin and oriental motifs are believed to be works by masters from Florence. It is said that the ceilings of the rooms were also painted with swallows or butterflies.1Chavchanidzes always had many guests. In the entrance there used to be a cooper bell informing the guest visits. Mrs. Tamar, Chavchanidze’s granddaughter who lives in one of the flats there, recalls that there used to be a beautiful fountain with an angel’s sculpture in the courtyard where golden fish swim but it was destroyed. During the sovietization of Tbilisi in 1927 Erasti Chavchanidze was deprived of the property and was given just one room. Nevertheless, he managed to survive and maintain the beautiful entrance from repainting.6The house was fully rehabilitated in 2016.

And if the ceiling wasn’t destroyed it would likely be similar to the one, I found on St. Petersburg street.11Don’t leave the place without visiting № 24. During the rehabilitation works on the walls were found Japanese paintings, which is unique and a bit unusual for Tbilisi.54

By Tika Bujiashvili