This beautiful building on Mazniashvili st. amazes everyone with its intricate carving patterns on the outer façade. A prominent architect of 19th century Michael Ohanjanov lived in this amazing building.3A few words about M. Ohanjanov. Ohanjanov was as an architect in the city self- government for years in the beginning of 20th century. Mikhail Ohanjanov’s projects first appeared in 1898. The following buildings in Tbilisi are related to his name:

On 3 Leonidze st. a building of The National Bank of Georgia was built at the beginning of 1910s in art-nouveau style. In the final stage of design and during construction Ohanjanov was helped by architects and engineers Kolchin and Razgildev. The main accent of the symmetric façade has been done on its middle axis. The key features of the building are sculptures of Mercury and Pluto. These figures belong to ‘Novak’. The house was built in 1910-1915.

On 12 Chonqadze st. The House of Madam Bozarjiants was built from 1914 to 1915.

The first clinical hospital for the children on Zubalashvilis st. The construction of the building in 1902-1906 was financed by brothers Zubalashvilis and donated to the city as ‘asylum seekers’.

On 7 Gudiashvili str. -The administrative building of the National Library is one of the best Tbilisi modern style buildings (the bank of the state bank was built in 1907-1910, co-authored by R. Golnischev, where the Ministry of Finance was located in Soviet times).

Another interesting building of Mazniashvili street is a round, three storey house with a dome and stained glass built by Melkumov in 1851. Melkumov lived in Sololaki but he rented the house. As Nino Lashkarashvili, who lives in this house today said, The Consul of Persia had rented the house for several years. The house has round rooms with an old fireplace and the dome with an old Chandelier is kept untouched even today. The peculiar wooden house with carved balconies really amazes passers-by. 12

By Tika Bujiashvili