Quite often some elements of the city history and of its charm remain hidden at first sight. But the twin buildings on 39 Tsinamdzghvrishvili street are easy to notice from the street and can astonish the viewer. The house was built in 1909 by a Tbilisian architect Pavle Zurabian. The house belonged to Aleksandre Jaghetian who had a woodworking workshop on Madatov Island. It is said that Aleksandre built the similar buildings for his two sons.54 One of the entrance halls is painted by Poznan, where he even left his signature. Here we meet the views of Caucasus and Italian landscapes. The villagers represent the ancestors of the owner. The second entrance might be painted though there is no evidence today as it was repainted. 67Its courtyards and winding cobbled streets, known as the ‘Asian’ quarter of the Old Town, have delighted visitors and inhabitants with its friendly atmosphere.

And Tbilisi is in details-on one of the doors there is a’blue soldier’ which meant a guard of the house. No one knows why it was called a blue soldier or a guard of the house, though this is an interesting detail of this unique house. jariskaci Not far from the building in one of the Tbilisian courtyard you can find a unique wooden staircase.1

By Tika Bujiashvili