You should walk, walk much through the narrow streets of Tbilisi, look in the courtyards and you will definitely find something very special and interesting for you…5Today’s address- Griboedovi 15. In the beautiful house built by the Ananovs in 1888 a beautiful lady Nino Andronikashvili lived with her husband Ilia Jorjadze, who was always proud of being a student of Mendeleev. Nino was a direct descent from King Erekle II. The beautiful house always had respectable guests like Nato Vachnadze, Ilia Chavchavadze. This is the address which Chaikovski visited when Tbilisi. Even today you can see the guitar, which once belonged to Peter Ilich Chaikovski. Nino was very generous. She donated seven grand pianos to the women’s conservatoire. Later as not everything went well the family had to go to immigration in France.8The walls and ceiling of the hall are painted. The house has a beautiful staircase but you will be lucky if you meet Dali, a daughter-in-law of the house who can tell you the whole story of the house and its inhabitants in details. Dali still keeps old things from the family-a hundred years old table is really unique. Several years ago when Dali decided to change the wallpaper under the five layers she found out painted walls in light blue. So it means that in early 19s not only hall of the buildings were painted but the rooms too.  7

By Tika Bujiashvili