If I am asked to name 5 most beautiful buildings in Tbilisi, the building with amazingly beautiful carved balconies, on 54 Rustaveli Avenue, would definitely be the first in it.

The house on Rustaveli 54 was constructed in 1897. It belonged to the famous lawyer and economist Vasil Gabashvili. The house was designed by architect Korneli Tatishchev. The façade of the house is the synthesis of baroque and rococo styles and is unique in Tbilisi.11During Bolsheviks time the Gabashvilis’ properties were confiscated and left just two rooms. It is said that after WW II the house was supposed to be destroyed like other beautiful buildings, though Nikoloz Kipshidze, the famous therapist and a privet doctor of Stalin sent the photo of the house to Stalin. Even Stalin was captivated by its unique beauty and the house was saved from destruction. Though, Davit Sulakauri said that the story is not true, but people made the story to show much respect to Stalin.

Today there lives Nino, who is the daughter of Nikoloz Kipshidze and Daro Gabashvili, with her family . The house was renovated on their expenses. As Nino’s husband, Davit Sulakauri said, before renovating the house was studied well. The curving details were said to be covered with eight layers of paint. All the carves were restored by hand.

By Tika Bujiashvili