IArt Gallery & MD Workshop are pleased to present an exhibition: “Eudosia Cecilia Andoh’s Journey into the world of Photography with Yuri Mechitov.” The opening of the exhibition is on October 8 at 7 pm at IArt Gallery, Tbilisi.

Eudosia, who hails from Ghana, West Africa is the Fiscal Agent Manager for the Millennium Challenge Account Georgia. As an International Development Expert, she has been living and working in Georgia for the past three and half years and will leave Georgia next year when the Georgian Compact ends.1Eudosia has travelled widely within Georgia and has been captivated by the warmth and hospitality of its people, its historical and cultural treasures in Tbilisi and other parts of Georgia, as well as its breathtaking country landscapes. She endeavored to capture these priceless experiences through her amateur Photographs, until in late 2017, desirous of exploring the depth of her impressions and perspectives, she decided to take up professional Photography lessons under the tutelage of the celebrated and accomplished Georgian Photographer, Yuri Mechitov at his MD Workshop.  Eudosia’s studies and collaboration with Yuri led to the decision to stage an exhibition which will not only introduce Eudosia’s journey into the world of professional Photography, but perhaps more significantly will show the power of Photography in building bridges across peoples and cultures.

“As I walk through the scenic streets of Tbilisi, camera in hand, I usually look into old Tbilisian courtyards; I smile and strike up a conversation with the residents using my very basic Georgian language, often much to their amusement. I feel welcomed as they warmly offer coffee or water, share their personal stories, recount the history of their buildings and inquire about me. In the end, I feel honored that they are happy to share in my Photographic adventures with the most candid of shots!  Georgia is an amazing country, and through these photos, I hope to convey my sense of its beauty and wonder while also referencing my own background that has influenced this journey. In this small way, I hope to continue nurturing the deepening bond of friendship between our two countries – Georgia and Ghana.”

Photo is taken by Yuri Mechitov