Tbilisoba first was celebrated on October 28, 1979 and since then it has become a traditional cultural celebration of the city. The concept of the celebration was ‘Meeting The Past And The Present’. In old streets of Tbilisi Karachogelebi and Kintos should walk in traditional clothes; Phaetons should be ridden along the streets and rafts should be floating on the river Mtkvari; Carpets should be hung on the balconies of Tbilisian courtyards and Kneinas should be sitting there. Villagers should bring their product to sell and introduce different regions of Georgia and Georgian barbeques and Pressing grapes in Satsnakheli should be a visit card of the celebrity with other competitions and theatrical activities.3

In 1990-95 Tbilisoba wasn’t celebrated due to the hard time of the country, so it renewed in 1995. Today old concept is still kept with new details. The main location of this festival is still a historical part of Tbilisi, where agricultural marketplaces were added flower and Gourmet festivals. There are rafts floating above the river Mtkvari with traditional Georgian supra and music. And on the bridge Auto Show takes place where car-lovers can see antique and modern cars. You can still meet phaetons in the street, and enjoy with many other entertaining activities. Meanwhile you can even feel the smell of freshly fried barbeque. In the end of celebration famous people are given the dignity of “Tbilisi Honorary Citizens.” 4Georgia and its people love celebrations, since they are a perfect reason to get together with your friends and have a great time. Georgians enjoy good food, good drink wine and chacha, and joyful melodies – so these are sure to be a part of every Georgian festival.

By Tika Bujiashvili