The building on Takaishvili Street was built by three Assyrian friends, Babaev, Bejanov and Bitvarda, from Urmia. They came to Tibilisi in 1905 from Iran. The land, where they built the house, was bought from Gedevanishvili. The territory didn’t belong to Tbilisi that time and even wasn’t populated. The construction works lasted from 1907 to 1912 and they built three buildings one for each with Georgian bricks. Moret, an Italian painter was specially invited to paint the entrance halls.45344466_2105073149806926_2028141461920284672_nThe walls of the entrance hall are simply painted in yellow, light blue and green with beautiful landscapes on them and even 100 years later they aren’t faded. A note on the building says that the building was protected by St. Peterspurg Insurance Company.45432060_2295067457172075_2236062495166955520_nIn 1927s the family were deprived their property even furniture and a unique Grand piano. The Mailovs, one of the descendants of three friends, still live in one of the buildings today.45395237_2105072769806964_3861976868202741760_n

By Tika Bujiashvili