The building on Chonkadze st. was built in the 19th century. The building belonged to a German engineer, who worked in Tbilisi. Later it was sold to Mirza Reza Khan, a Persian Military Attache in Tbilisi in 1889-1894. Iranian masters were specially invited to work on the exterior and interior of the building. After the works, the building got and Asian style with an inscription of Mirza Reza Khan on the metal oval ornaments of the central entrance door. Also, there is a lion, a symbol of the Iranian Sheikh. One can also see a ceiling adorned in one of the rooms.11Mirza Reza Khan lived in this house which is one-storied house from Chonkadze Street but from a yard it is a three-storied building. The Embasy of Iran was also located here. An opening of the Embassy was coincided with a birthday of an Iranian Sheikh. The house had a typical Tbilisian fountain, though there was no water in it. So, He ordered to bring red wine from Kakheti. On the opening day wine was coming from the fountain and the guests could drink wine from there.12Mirza Reza Khan has left many important architectural constructions. He built this house in Tbilisi which was home to Persian Consulate and he built a building called as Piruza in Borjomi Central Park, which was his summer residence.

The building was called Diamond Palace after Mirza Reza Khan’s Memoiar.

By Tika Bujiashvili