In Tbilisi courtyards you often meet typical Tbilisi staircases. But this courtyard is unique with its twisted staircases. The staircase is well known and much loved as a film ‘A first day and a last one’ was shot here. Bela Mirianashvili and Sergo Zakariadze used to go this staircase. Washing on a line is also a true element of Tbilisi, which makes the courtyards alive. It was said that Sergo Zakariadze lived in the courtyard.45863722_2109250369389204_5113031765568520192_n

You don’t have to walk much when you see a house reminding Gabashvili’s house built by Tatischev. This building is also such style with its two-tier balcony. Here is a round fountain, gate.On the wall you can see a year when this building was accomplished. It is called Shorenketsia, adorned clay.45877769_2304844076194413_9068131423193399296_n

By Tika Bujiashvili