On November 25, 2018 Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Tbilisi hosted National Peace Symposium In this. The theme of the symposium was ‘How Does Religion Promote Peace’.14Speakers were: Bishop Rusudan Gotsiridze (Bishop of the Evangelical Baptism Church of Georgia), Rabbi Avimelech Rosenblat (Rabbi of the Jewish community of Georiga), Darpan Prashner, Ambassador Jan-Marie Ehousou (Permanent representative of the African Union to the United Nations), Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser (President of Ahmadiyaa community of Germany). All the speakers talked about the importance of peace and what role their religious have in it.

As the world has turned into a global village we must realize our responsibility as human beings and should try to pay attention to solving those issues of human rights that can help to establish peace in the world. Clearly, this attempt must be based on fair play and on fulfilling all the requirements of justice, they said.15According to Ambassador Jan-Marie Ehousou, 14% of Africa populations still suffer from famine. But God has gifted many countries with an excellent climate and environment for growing different crops. We should use modern technology for agriculture, the economy would have strengthened and hunger could have been eliminated from the earth. Consequently, there shouldn’t be place for war in the world.

National Peace Symposium was organized by The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Georgia (AMAG). The Peace Symposium is a key event of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community worldwide. The community is established in over 200 countries and has over 15 million members. The motto of the community is ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’ and is at forefront of spreading love, peace and harmony across the world.

By Tika Bujiashvili