The Mikhael Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre premiered their staging of King Lear by Shakespear in 2016 directed by Zurab Getsadze. I was first read King Lear by my older brother when I was 9. I immediately identified myself with Cordelia. Today I better understand that adolescence and old age are a kind of crisis point. This might be the age when we often wonder why this isn’t a perfect world. So I was looking forward to see the play. To be frank the play was so impressive I have seen it more than three times… and what I learned…

And now about the play.Lear is a fabulous role performed by Georgian well known artist Zura Kipshidze. it encompasses everything from tragedy to comedy. 

In the first act Lear learns that appearances and social position affect the way others treat and view us. Edgar learns and applies this when he decides to disguise himself as a Begger.

Realizing his mistakes, the king learns that emotions can negatively impact your behavior, making you turn your back on your biggest supporter or best friend. Gloucester learns this during his blinding, when he realized that Edmund’s plot worked only because it played off his strong feelings of Edgar’s supposed betrayal  leading him to make a rash and unfair decision.

And in the end, I advise everybody to see the play. You will understand that everyone is born in the same way and is subjected to exactly the same potential to play the fool.

By Lizzie Sturua