The history of one of the famous buildings of Griboedov Street  starts from the second half of the 19th century. In 1903 a merchant Tunibekov, who had a successful cavier&fish business until the revolution of 1917 had the two-storied building built by an Italian architect Andrea Olet. The residence has two entries because he used the upstairs for his home and rented out the first floor.

Tunibekov had a son who was poisoned. As they didn’t have any children after him, they adopted a daughter-Varvara Andreevna. Later Tunibekov moves to Germany where he dies there. He left his wife and his daughter in Tbilisi. Later her daughter married to Aleksandre Gvelesiani, a famous conductor.

At the housewarming party Tunibekov’s family invited famous people of that time. It was said that they had hired a bellboy to serve guests and he was paid so much money that next day he bought a house in Avlabari.

One of the rooms is in rococo style and another is in Moorish style. The room has the curving similar to the curving in Opera. The lavish decoration, like carved wood trim painted with pastels and gold, which remains intact in the apartment is stunning. The rooms were restored twice with the family’s own expenses. Today it is not in a good condition and requires restoration works…

In 1937 a third floor was built on the building. Today the house belongs to the Bokerias. They bought it from Tunibekov’s daughter in 1940.

By Tika Bujiashvili