Within the frame of Informational Week about ‘Protection of Cultural Heritage’ a tour ‘Tiflis Undergraund’ was held on Gudiashvili Square on March 1. The tour was led by Tsira Elisashvili, a member of Tifilis Hamkari.

About 20 Qvevris of different size, 6 Tones and other ceramic things were found while rehabilitation works on Gudiashvili Square. There was also found a gravestone and the skull, which was cut into two. Archaeologists haven’t said yet which century they belong to and what construction was there. A couple of days ago while working on one building the construction was found, which is not even put on the oldest maps of Tbilisi.

According to Tsira Elisashvili, The Gudiashvili Square is the only place in Tbilisi, which is maintained in its original form. After finishing rehabilitation works there will be arranged a new museum place with the history of Gudiashvili Square.

The project ‘Protection of Cultural Heritage’ was supported by EWMI ACCESS. The aim of the project was development and modernization of Cultural Heritage with respect to historical and cultural values. Other speakers were Sulkhan Saladze, Eka Mamrikashvili, Davit Lomtadze and Nino Kordzakhia, who told the participants about the building where The Fund Of Cultural Heritage sits today and soon will be redecorated with old methods and materials.