For thousands of years, the wine industry was dominated by men.  Though it’s a much different story today. New generation of female winemakers are trying to be good farmers, produce their wine and make it their form of a lifestyle. Women can be gatekeepers of vintages past and present. They try to become historians and even local ambassadors of the time. Consequently, introducing new wine means another story in the history of winemaking.

Hopefully, a newly produced Kartlos’ wine, made from Rkatsiteli, will soon say its word in the history of wine producing. In order to start wine producing, Nino Madzgarashvili realized that only her will is not enough. Before that her winemaking skills should be strong which made her switch to begin her journey in tasting rooms and maranis. At the same time there was a new idea of making Churchkhelas which might bring extra income to buy a qvevri and use Georgian traditional methods to produce the wine. Success came soon. Her Merry churchkelas, made in Dedoplistskaro, found their market not only in Tbilisi but abroad. They are introduced in Korea, Germany and Latvia. Nino hopes her wine will have the same success as her Merry Churchkhelas and promises the people, overbook themselves when visiting wine country, that wine tasting at Nino Merry’s Marani in Dedoplistskaro will be a fun and relaxing activity. As a winemaker she is going to be not only an educator but a memory maker.

All these things combined make you taste newly produced Kartlosi’s Rkatsiteli at the New Wine Festival 2019 in Mtatsminda Park in May.