‘As any woman who has tried to progress in a male-dominated industry knows, closing the gender gap is no small challenge and we applaud the women who are in winemaking today,’ said European Union Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell at the opening of Georgian Woman Winemaker’s presentation. The presentation was held at the National Library of Georgia on April 25, where 17 women winemakers presented their wines. Comparing previous years the number of women in wine industry has significantly increased.

There were more experienced winemakers Madam Wine, Kortava’s Wine Cellar, Baia’s Wine with new ones like Tinatin and Miranda’s Tvish.
‘EU Business Council of Georgia’ presented a new initiative of Georgian Woman Winemakers to promote the export of Georgian wine made by women. The project is novelty in Georgia. Consequently they are more oriented to work on the quality and to increase women’s role in wine industry.

Keti Jurkhadze, a founder of Wine Schoool Kabistoni, presented three kinds of wine. On the etiquette she marked the map of Georgia with the words “20% of my country is occupied by Russia”. It was risky, she says, as some wine shops has already refused to sell them, but I take a risk, as it is today’s reality.