For thousands of years, toasting was an exclusive part of men’s classical respect to the country’s culture and its history.
With the toast you can announce your intentions with both words and behavior. Among the toasts the toast of friendship is one of the most famous. Every friendship is precious. Everybody is grateful for old or new friends.

As we get older, we may have to face what it’s like to start losing our friends. The life of 29 year-old guy, full of life, who moved from Tbilisi to Artana and wanted to devote his life to make natural wine, who had great ideas, had consultations with old generation of winemakers, thought, did and worked hard to make Georgian natural, pure qvevri wine popular, went to eternity…
Time passed and Vakho Paghava went on living in the toast of friends until Tamuna Bidzinashvili from Kortava’s Marani, didn’t have a good idea to hold a festival of natural wine dedicated to the memory of young ex-winemaker Vakhtang Paghava.
The idea was supported by Giorgi Bidzinashvili and Acho Khachapuridze and 3 years ago the first Natural Wine and Food Festival was held at the Open Air Museum of Ethnography. In honor of Vakhtang there is a section for the First Vintage where new winemakers will be able to introduce their wine to the public. Last year there were just 6. This year more winemakers with their first vintage are expected. 
Supernatural or Natural Wine And Food Festival on June 22, 2019 welcomes wine and food lovers with families, as kids space is provided with nice music and melodramatic songs performed by Vikea Witched Oto Berdzenishvili and Beka Vanishvili.