Today’s world becomes more aggressive.  We are still facing numerous challenges. Religious violence is on the rise. The Middle East is the most pressing hot spot at the moment. Iran and Saudi Arabia again make State’s list of countries of particular concern for violations of religious liberty for their legalized intolerance of minority religions. And how faith-based communities can solve the crisis? What will happen in Syria, Will the peace agreement be held and will refugees be able to return to their homeland?

Everybody agrees that living in a harmonious society without conflict and tension is very important. No single person in this world would prefer to live in tension, conflict and war. Strengthening unity and solidarity among religious adherents is essential to create a harmonious society. The existence of harmony could prevent any conflict which contributes to fragility of inter-religious relations and political instability.

Jalsa Salana 2019-an annual gathering of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was held in Germany, where more than 40000 people attended from all over the world. Georgia was introduced with the delegation of lawyers, an orientalist, Imams, artists, professors and politicians. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community introduced to the world the true teaching of Islam, promoted love and discouraged violence. Speakers marked that inter-religious harmony should be built based on trust and mutual respect among multi-religious adherents and the community tries to bring healing and peace to the suffering world.

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V, the world head of Ahmadiyaa Muslim Community addressed the guests that in Islam, it is important to emphasis the concept of justice. Justice is to bond and hold society together and transforms it into one brotherhood. When God is by your side, all obstacles can be overcome. Scientists, students and scolars were awarded within the frame of the convention by Khalifatul. In the end his Holiness exhorted the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to take heed from this noble example and use it to themselves grow nearer to God.