On February 26, 2020 Georgia had a first case of the covid-19. Soon a lockdown started causing many people losing their jobs. A year passed and the covid-19 epidemic still poses a threat to the everyday life of Georgians. Though still there is a light of hope. Every day people do things to help others in need and contribute to the good of their communities as a volunteer to visit regularly with a shut-in elderly person, donate money or food. 

One of the organizations doing charity is The Humanity First, established in Georgia last year, in 2020 and from the beginning aimed to serve Georgia in diverse ways, such as a weekly soup kitchen to feed the vulnerable and needy in and around the outskirts of Tbilisi. The organization distributes food parcels outside of Tbilisi, in isolated Adjara areas and etc.
It’s easy to say but the organization came across some difficulties though their spirits never dampened, as according to them they were aware that when they were carrying out humanitarian work, God was always there to help in many subtle and unnoticeable ways.

They not only provide people in need with some food, but encourage students to be successful in their future life. In February the Humanity First Georgia team distributed school bags to the less privileged children of a remote area in Tsalka. We know that the road to Tsalka is dangerous especially in wintertime with many cars sliding off the road and getting stuck in the mountains icy and snowy conditions. But at the end of their destination when they  saw the smiles of the children faces , they knew that the smile of happiness from only one of these children is enough to make any heart content with going through the worst of storms to be there to give them any type of aid and support.

The Humanity First has launched the Humanity First Scholarship for Georgians. 15 Georgians with social problems have won the scholarship and will receive financial assistance throughout the year. The scholars will be given the opportunity to improve the quality of education or reach their goals.

“I was not expecting to be chosen among such a short list. I was happy and excited at the same time because I know how huge responsibility it is. This scholarship truly helps me to reach my goals and become a successful person. I will always be grateful for your support and kindness.”-writes one of the scholars.

“Winning a scholarship is a great benefit for me. It gives me more opportunities to deepen my knowledge. I appreciate your consideration and awarding this scholarship would further motivate me to pursue academic excellence. This award is very meaningful not only financially, but emotionally as well, as it has strengthened my belief in myself because I feel one step closer to achieve my goals. After graduation I want to build a prosperous career in the field of Law.”-writes another.

Humanity First is a non-political, non-religious and impartial international relief and development agency that focuses on protecting human life and dignity.  Humanity First provides aid on the basis of necessity alone, irrespective of caste, creed, color or religion. The mission is to serve socially disadvantaged individuals and families in the poorer communities and disaster struck areas of the world.