On February 6, 2020 association Nakvalevi held its presentation at Sheraton Grand Metechi Palace Hotel and introduced the already implemented projects to the society, young generation, authorities and diplomatic corps. Since its foundation 2011 Nakvalevi has received much support. All the supporters were rewarded with Certificates.

Association “Nakvalevi” is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political civil society organization, founded in 2011 based in Tbilisi, Georgia by experienced professionals of youth academic and non-formal education, who have been investing their time and energy in voluntary activities for the benefit of young people. Its main program is to provide young generation with the opportunity to develop and further enhance the empowerment and lifelong skills and interactions as well as to fight against cancer and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Since its establishment association Nakvalevi implemented a wide range of initiatives. Most of them are focused on active citizenship and volunteering as strong tools for democracy building. Among other successfully implemented projects, we can mention the following:

Let’s Make Friends and Discover Georgia

Traditions and Stereotypes

Let’s Take Care of The Planet

I’m a volunteer

Life Goes On -Motion

Children For Children

Discover the Undiscovered in Georgia

Highlands and Lowlands of My country

Young Diplomats

Colorful Umbrella

Schubertiade Ladies For Ladies

Origami at Schools

Together We Can Do More

Since 2015 “Nakvalevi” has organized several charity events with the involvement of diplomatic corps and other friends. On St. Valentine’s Day, pianist Angeles Iglesias, a wife of Brazilian Ambassador, with Georgian colleges will be joined by her Georgian friends, David Aladashvili ,Natalia Kutateladze and Anna Tchania, to perform a concert with pearls of the classical repertoire. It will be a festive occasion and the proceeds will go to cancer-fighting. It should be mentioned that Ms. Angeles Iglesias has been one of the first initiators, a participant and a supporter of the organization.

PS. Association accepts members in three following groups based on the applicants’ interests:

1. Education & culture  2.Health &Social  3. International Relations