Written By Tinatin Bujiashvili

During your tour to Tusheti you will enjoy seeing historical provinces of the region. Tusheti is the most unspoiled place in whole Caucasus eco region. Beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views, local traditions and culture, architectural and monuments of nature and somewhat simple but tasty cuisine (for example Kotori, which is made of cheese and tastes like Khachapuri) will leave unforgettable and pleasant memories.

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Architectural style is common in Tusheti, but every village represents unique combination of towers, houses and nature.
Girevi is one of the villages of Piriqiti community. Settlers living in the villages of Pirikiti community (Chegho, Chontio, Dadikurta and Nakudurta) were leaving the territory, some settlers often stayed in Girevi.  Girevi was the last abandoned village. Today, in the end of the village, there is a post of border guards. Several families return in the village in summer, though in winter it is still abandoned.

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After Dartlo, the pedestrian trial goes along the left bank of Piriqita Alazani and heads up the river.

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The main ritual in Tusheti is brewing. At an indeterminate time before the great day men will be taken to the beer hut, a small house in the village built to brew beer and prepare food. The Shulta takes control and manage the proceedings. Women aren’t allowed in the brew house.

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500m from the village in the west at the border you will see a fortress. As local people tell us, all the fortresses were built by a Kist father-son from Bauli. It often happened in peaceful time. The fortress is on the rock.  It has five stories. (4.2X3.9 m, height 18.3m). Upper part of the fortress is narrower. The construction is dry made out of shale. The fortress needs restoration-reconstruction.

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In the end, as said above, due to climate problems, the area is closed from winter to spring. So in the winter the area is almost empty. Visiting Tusheti is possible only in summer and with an off-road vehicle. People from Tusheti traditionally look after cattle and sheep. In recent years many tourists visited this area, which created new sources of income for residents, who are beginning to develop tourist services and hotels.

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