Dartlo represents a dream village, on the beautiful alpine slopes of Caucasus Mountains at the level of 1850m. Tusheti’s Alazani River, lots of home stays, Cafe with a perfect location, camping places, tasty mountain cheese, have a view of waterfall in the mountains from the houses and even more Dartlo has to offer.

If you decide to overnight in Dartlo, in the very center you will find a small hotel Shuni. Shuni means a female aurochs.  You will really be met warmly by Salome Idoidze, a hostess, who is a first female ranger in Europe. At the hotel you will be able to taste Tushetian dishes-Kotori (similar to khachapuri, made with kalti), Khinkali with kalti, (cottage cheese made from milk). You can also taste homemade butter and Guda Cheese. You may be lucky and listen how her father sings along Balalaika.

From Dartlo you can easily reach villages of Parsma, Girevi and Hegho, also to visit exotic village of Chigho and even Diklo and Shenako from Chigho.

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By Tika Bujiashvili